Coffee Sourcing

We buy the coffee from the people, we roast the coffee for the people, we sell the coffee to the people; thumbs up from the people!

To elaborate beyond our sarcastic jokes and help you understand how important this is to us, we carefully choose all of the avenues of coffee exporting and importing. There are many factors that we look for in our coffee purchasing. Sustainability for the farmers is imperative to the continuation of both our business and their farms. We work with importers who have good records of ensured traceability and care for the farmers and their workers to make fair and honest wages. Many of the importers we work with negotiate directly with the farmers to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. This often means that the farmers receive substantially more than the revenue of fair trade minimums without the cost of becoming certified fair-trade.

Sourcing Ethos Overview:

  • We only use Specialty Grade Arabica coffee.
  • We source coffees that create shared wealth for all parties involved.
  • Most of our coffees are micro-lots, which are sorted for unique characteristics and often are limited in quantity.
    This leads to a rotating menu of single-origin coffee offerings.
  • Blends are a canvas for a Roast Master to craft flavor profiles, and not for cost-cutting measures.