Our Mission

Our mission with Ménō Coffee Co. is to leave the world better than when we came into it. We aim to focus on ethical practices and longevity in all we do. We also want to share our passion for coffee in a way that is accessible to everyone; without all the showmanship or pretentiousness that can sometimes be found in the craft coffee movement.

We stand on these principles:

Sustainability: We believe that the best way to leave this world a better place is to be aware of every part of the process in which we operate. Once we are aware, we can insure that throughout each step, we never abuse or selfishly take in ways that do not encourage growth for everyone involved.

Quality: We will never add a coffee to our offerings that we wouldn't drink ourselves. We meticulously select our coffee and roast them to what we believe is the perfect place to bring out the amazing natural flavors. If it isn't good enough for us, it definitely isn't good enough for you.

Integrity: We believe half-truths are just a nice way to say lies. Honesty is always the best policy, and you won't see us saying anything about our products that we feel uneasy about. We believe that gimmicky buzzwords are often more misleading than helpful in describing things, so we try to stay away from those out of principle. We also will never price products beyond margins that we agree we would be willing to pay ourselves.

Accessibility: While coffee can have quite a bit of technical speak involved with it, most people want coffee that is approachable. That's also why we try to carry a wide variety of coffees; following different roast levels, tasting notes, processes, and origins. Coffee is so much more than just a brown caffeinated beverage and we want to help you explore all that coffee can offer without it being overwhelming.