Our Story

Our company finds its roots in a friendship between two avid coffee enthusiasts. We met while one of us was roasting for a large coffee company and the other was working at a local cafe. As our friendship and passion for coffee grew, we started joking about opening our own company one day. As of January 2018, what once was a joke became a reality.

In our search for a meaningful name that exemplifies our values and beliefs we stumbled upon Ménō; a Greek word meaning to stand and endure. This is something that our beliefs have helped us do on countless occasions. Life is difficult; it throws a lot at you. We've found coffee to be a haven during the chaos that is everyday life. Sometimes, it can be the fuel to keep us going. While other times, it's how we relax after a long day. We aim to help you endure whatever may come your way, one delicious cup at a time.

Meet Brandon:


Brandon has coffee running through his veins and he is our Roast Master and Director of Operations. He is the one responsible for much of the behind the scenes tasks such as the sourcing, roasting, bagging, and shipping of your coffee. Don't worry, as an introvert that's just how he likes it - but watch out, strike up a conversation about coffee and you'll unleash his extroverted side. Brandon has been active in the coffee industry for over 7 years and has received Roaster Level 1 certification from the Specialty Coffee Association. He went from roasting a million pounds in a year for a large coffee company to now focusing on his craft to bring great tasting coffee to the peak of their own unique flavor characteristics.

Though Brandon prefers the simple life, he also loves being hard to nail down. When you think he is drinking a bright and fruity light roast, he'll change things up with a bold dark roast; or when you think he will order a stout, he gets an IPA - this all stems from Brandon's love of people giving their all to their own respected craft and he wants to experience as much as he can. When he's not hanging around the roastery, you'll find him serving in his home church, watching anime, playing video games, or reading. Though he admits he doesn't do it as much as he wants, in the short summer months in Michigan you may find him camping out in one of the national forests trying to gaze up at the stars.

Also, he’s a lover of panela (look it up).

Meet Gaetano:

Gaetano is the brains behind all of our branding as our Marketing Director and Head of Sales. He's the one you'll see walking through the door of your business to share our delicious coffee with you. Gaetano originally grew in his love for coffee as a barista and cafe manager. He found great enjoyment studying and honing his skills on a myriad of different brewing methods and latte art styles. This just grew and grew over the years... now he's stuck that way. His daily brew is typically a nice light-medium roast Ethiopia coffee through a Chemex; though that can vary widely.

Gaetano has been married to his wife Christina for the past five years and they have two amazing sons, Emerson and Jaxon. He spends his free time enjoying his family, writing music, and reading. Gaetano grew up in Flint, MI and spent his childhood with his face buried in comic books and his ears full of music. Further on in his younger years he spent his time creating everything from small designs for local bands, personal photography, all the way to the many murals he completed back in his high school years. Throughout high school, college, and beyond Gaetano spent upwards of seven years as a vocalist in varying hardcore/metal bands and continues to write and perform music to this day... just not quite as loudly. Needless to say, creativity runs deep in this man.

Also, panela (no really, look it up).